Economy Ministry creates forum for advancing equality in Arab employment


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Authors: TheIndianSubcontinent News Agency

The Commission for Equal Employment Opportunities at the Economy Ministry announced the establishment of a forum for advancing equality in employment for the Arab sector.

Marking the first time so many organizations have joined forces to work towards this common goal, according to the economy ministry, the forum reflects a collaborative effort of government bodies and NGOs involved in the field. 

The forum was established at the initiative of Adv. Mariam Kabaha, Commissioner for Equal Opportunities in the Haifa and the North, with the aim of increasing awareness among the Arab population of their rights.  In addition, the forum seeks to help the Arab sector access the tools available to them with regards to employment, as well as to increase enforcement in the field of equal employment.

“I am excited and delighted to begin this shared journey. I believe this collaboration will increase opportunities for the Arab population to join the labor market – and this will benefit all of Israeli society,” said Kabaha of the initiative.

According to the Economy Ministry, the forum will be an “implementing arm” with the responsibility being divided up between the participating institutions and organizations - enabling intensive activity in a variety of areas, including education, raising awareness, legal advice, class action suits and media campaigns.

Among the organizations involved include, the Regulation and Enforcement Administration of the Economy Ministry, the Justice Ministry, the Authority for the Economic Development of the Arab, Druze, and Circassian Sectors in the Prime Minister’s Office, the Reut Institute, Woman Lawyers for Social Justice, Kayan-Feminist Organization, the Mossawa Center, Women Against Violence, Sikkuy – the Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality, the Workers’ Hotline, and the Abraham Fund.

“Cooperation is the cornerstone for all social advancement, and certainly of equal employment. I greet our partners and wish us all success in implementing our shared work plan,” said Adv. Tziona Koenig-Yair, National Commissioner for Equal Employment Opportunities of the partnership.

The forum was inaugurated last week in the presence of Koenig-Yair and Director General of the Justice Ministry Amy Palmer.