BB 11: Arshi Khan to be seen in an item song?

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Arshi Khan could not win Bigg Boss 11, but the show has certainly given her fame. She is now a well-known face, and it looks like she has already bagged her first big project.

Arshi is reportedly on the verge of bagging an item number, and her fans will get to see her dance moves on television soon.

Arshi herself confirmed that she might be seen in an item song for a daily soap if everything goes well.

I am loving the fame right now. And soon I will be making a guest appearance in daily soap Meri Hanikarak Biwi. Things haven't been finalised yet but if all goes well, I will shoot for an item song in that show. I am really excited about it," Arshi told SpotboyE.

The report also said the item song would be shot around a marriage drama between two characters on the show.

Arshi was one of the most-talked-about contestants in Bigg Boss 11. After her eviction, many on social media had said the show's entertainment quotient had gone down.

Although she was earlier known just for her controversies, Arshi has now built a good fan-following, whom she calls "awaam". There was buzz recently that Arshi would make a surprise visit to the Bigg Boss 11 house soon.

Rumours were also rife that Hiten Tejwani or Priyanka Sharma will accompany her inside Bigg Boss 11.

Arshi Khan and one more contestant possibly Hiten Tejwani or Priyank Sharma could make a surprise visit as part of a task between 6 to 9 January. The exact dates are not known, but it could be any time before the finale," a source had told International Business Times, India.

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Movie reviews: Allied

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Even the most sketchy knowledge of how movies work should have you confidently nodding away, pleased at your clever prediction that the two must eventually fall in love during the course of their mission. They do. It begins with stolen glances as they socialise with Casablanca’s wealthiest, embraces that linger for a moment too long as they say their goodbyes, and it ends with a shootout, several dead Nazis, and a mad dash for survival. Of course they were going to fall in love. here.

Once the mission is complete, Vatan proposes to Beausejour and they live a dreamy life in London. Even as London is being bombed in the Blitz, Vatan goes about his business till one day he is delivered a life-altering piece of news. This revelation should have jolted us out of the near-catatonic state the tedious and sluggish story had lulled us into. But even this is shabbily handled, no less because of Pitt’s surprisingly poor performance. Had the romance felt real, we might have given a damn about the predicament Vatan faced but there is absolute absence of vibes between Cotillard and Pitt. here.


Movie reviews: 'Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva'

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Raghava Lawrence returns with Motta Siva Ketta Siva in a full-length commercial avatar, defying logic and gravity. He shows his desperation to be accepted as a star and he goes all out to prove he has it in him. If the thought was silly, his attempt to prove is sillier. here.

Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva is a sub-standard attempt by the filmmakers to glorify the police service, which ends up as a naoisy hotch-potch. here.


Movie reviews: 'Power Rangers'

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We didn’t really need any of this: not the repackage, nor more superheroics, nor the closing-credits cover of Snap’s The Power. t the film achieves a functioning mediocrity we perhaps might have thought beyond this franchise, offering a modicum of diversion in return for the cash disappeared from your wallet. here.

The blueprint for a new film version should have been Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro’s energised, joyous, multi-coloured kaiju smackdown from 2013. But instead Power Rangers seems to desperately want to be Chronicle, the downbeat, meandering cult superhero thriller from 2012, directed by Fantastic Four’s Josh Trank. here.

Power Rangers" is baloney through and through, but as baloney goes, it's better than you might expect. It packs enough zing to make you forgive the origin-story clichés. And the predictable save-the-world stuff. And the insanely ubiquitous product placement. here.

In an era where people do nothing but denigrate teenagers as the death of all goodness, selfie-loving snowflakes, or whatever label de jour the adults are throwing around, it's nice to see a mainstream film actually believe in the capabilities of its intended audience. here.


Movie reviews: 'Sarkar 3'

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Here's what the critics are saying about Sarkar 3, starring Amitabh Bachchan, Manoj Bajpayee, Yami Gautam, Jackie Shroff, Amit Sadh, Ronit Roy and Rohini Hattangady.

The previous editions of Sarkar worked because Bachchan was given worthy opponents, and the semblance of a story. Here, RGV completely dispenses with such things as plot. here.

Sarkar 3 has enough moments to make you revisit the earlier films. That’s both good and bad. Good because you still love Sarkar, and bad because it won’t let you love Sarkar 3. here.

Sarkar 3 is a noir thriller that reduces politics to mere gunfights and bland verbal exchanges while the director of photography Amol Rathod goes to work with great gusto to offer us fractured frames in which nothing seems full and everything appears a tad tilted. here.

The film is held together by a robust cast of Manoj Bajpayee, Jackie Shroff, Yami Gautam, Amit Sadh and Ronit Roy among others. As Sarkar's legal heir, Amit Sadh is impressive and has the meatiest role after Amitabh. here.


Movie reviews: Tiger Zinda Hai

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Ali Abbas Zafar, the new director of the franchise, sees Salman Khan as a guy who is on the cusp of maturity, if not already there. After Sultan, he has given Salman a window of another five years, and he plays a father in the film. This also serves Salman’s popular image of a guy who is a hit with the kids, a do-gooder by nature. It’s better for the filmmakers to set a character trajectory that matches the star’s current image rather than basking in the glory of the past. here.

Tiger Zinda Hai also goes several steps ahead in creating a channel between India and Pakistan: if their spies can bond in the face of a common enemy, why not the two estranged nations? Only Bollywood can dare go down this ‘aman-ki-asha’ path with such schmaltzy bravura, and given that Salman had successfully darted across the border in ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, why not do an encore this time around? here.

Salman Khan is given a lavish introduction scene featuring wolves, who hunt in packs, we are told. He, Tiger, hunts alone. As he fights off about eight to nine wolves single-handedly and shows off some exceptional snowboarding skills, we realise that Tiger abhi zinda hai. here.

Tiger, who is living his retired life in Austria with wife Zoya (Pakistani undercover agent played by Katrina), enters the film fighting off a pack of wolves as he goes camping with his son. The mission takes the couple to a section of Iraq occupied by terrorist group ISC, who have taken around 40 Indian and Pakistani nurses hostage. here.

Undeniably impressive in terms of its scale and flawless technical attributes - the production design is fabulous, the action sequences are spectacular and the camerawork by Polish cinematographer Marcin Laskawiec is dazzlingly good - Tiger Zinda Hai is an exercise that eventually rings utterly hollow. here.


Taimur Ali Khan’s new pic shows why he is already a star!

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Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s son Taimur Ali Khan has an ever growing fan base. He is always in the news since birth in December last year. A recent picture of Taimur has surfaced now which shows how he finds new fans wherever he goes. Photographer Manav Mangalani has posted a picture on Instagram in which Taimur can be seen with two ladies.

Recently, Taimur celebrated his birthday with mum Kareena, dad Saif Ali Khan, grandmothers Sharmila Tagore and Babita, aunt Karisma Kapoor and several other family members at the Pataudi palace. His birthday celebration included a big blue coloured cake, merry-go-round rides and lots of balloons.

Saif, talking about the celeb status of his 1-year-old, had said earlier, “I think he will soon get used to being clicked and hopefully, he should get comfortable with it, too. If he grows up to be like me, I think at some point the poor chap will wish no one was watching him. I am afraid; all this just goes with the territory. Taimur is rather delectable, so I don’t blame anyone. It’s a price he has to pay for it.

A little forest for Taimur A little boy can never have enough of birds, bees and butterflies and so we have put together a small forest as a birthday gift for the little big boy, Taimur, in Sonave. It’s a special forest, one that thrives on intercropping and i hope that as he grows he too will thrive in and celebrate a diverse society. A society where people live together through and due to their distinctions. The forest has about 100 trees on a 1000 sq ft plot. The trees are as young as Taimur, even younger actually, and each one of them is a local, native, climate resilient specie. It will be a forest of the super foods of the future. There are 3 jamuns, 1 jackfruit, 1 amla, 40 Bananas, 14 Moringas, 1 Kokum, 1 Papaya, 5 Seetaphal, 2 Ramphals, 2 Nimbu trees. Besides these it grows 3 different types of native pulses and many Mirchi, Ginger, Turmeric and kari patta plants. Not to mention the green leafy veggies and the genda phools that grow in between. The forest is inspired by Padma Shri Subhash Palekar’s zero budget natural farming where one tree grows symbiotically off another and thus is thrifty on one’s pocket. e forest will become a home for pollinating agents like the butterflies, bees, birds and earthworms. It will help nurture the soil, fix back the nitrogen and minerals in the soil that it grows on, preserve the water table and look elegant and beautiful while doing it all. Here’s to living sustainably! Happy Birthday.


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