K. L. Saigal : From Railway Timekeeper To Bollywood's First Superstar

KL Saigal has been honoured by Google with a Doodle on his 114th birth anniversary.

New Delhi:  Actor-singer Kundanlal Saigal, or K. L. Saigal, was born on April 11, 1904. On his 114th birth anniversary, Google honoured the versatile artiste with a Google Doodle. Known for his unique voice, K. L. Saigal has sung over 185 songs throughout his career. He also established himself as one of the first true Bollywood superstars and worked on 36 films in three languages - 28 in Hindi, seven in Bengali, and one in Tamil. Some of his most popular and successful movies were Yahudi Ki Ladki, Bhukt Surdas, Tansen, Devdas, Street Singer, Lagan, among others.