BBC Reporter Falls Into Swimming Pool During Live Interview. Watch

Mike Bushell was live with the Team England swimmers participating in Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast

Viewers watching BBC's coverage of the Commonwealth Games on Wednesday morning were left giggling after a sports reporter hilariously fell into a swimming pool on live TV in an interview gone wrong. BBC Breakfast's sports presenter Mike Bushell was preparing to interview medal-winning swimmers from Team England when he decided to get into the pool. More hands-on reporting, eh? As he stepped into the water to chat with the swimmers, who sat on the edge of the pool, the presenter - dressed in a casual, summery shirt and shorts - warned he was being careful to protect his equipment.

"I'm going to be careful because I've got a sound pack on," he said to the swimmers.

Turns out, he wasn't very careful.

As he began introducing the swimmers, the reporter took a step back. Not realising the water wasn't so shallow anymore, the reporter went straight in, along with the sound pack he was so carefully trying to safeguard.

"Sorry about that," the soaked presenter exclaimed as the swimmers burst out laughing.

The presenter had another go, this time being careful about his step but the swimmers had a tough time keeping a straight face.

The moment was shared on social media by BBC breakfast and viewers alike. BBC even reposted the clip with some clever special editing effects. According to The Guardian, the presenter had to stop as his microphone suffered water damage."Mike is carrying on talking but we can't hear him, because a moment ago Mike fell in the water, his pack went in, and he doesn't know we can't hear him now,"news presenter Charlie Stayt said from the BBC studio.

It was all laughs on Twitter too. 

The 2018 Commonwealth Games are being held in Australia's Gold Coast. The grand sporting event, which began on April 4, will conclude on April 15, 2018.

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