Water Cup will enable the farmers to enhance crop yield and make villages less dependent.

New Delhi:  Over four thousand villages across drought-hit Maharashtra will participate in a game that will not only help them combat the severe water crisis facing the state but win one the villages a cash prize: Water Cup 2018.

Organised by Bollywood star Amir Khan's NGO, Panni foundation, villages will be evaluated over a period of 45 days and the one that conserves the most amount of water will get a cash prize of Rs 50 lakh. Among the villages that have been selected to participate in the competition are Kaudgaon Huda, Shrikrishna Nagar Tanda, Shriram Nagar Tanda, Bhilegaon, Mamdapur, Moha, Parchundi, Vaka, Waghala, Vadkhel, Rewali and Maknathpur.

Several measures will be taken to ensure the conservation of rain water, including construction of structures soak pits, farm ponds, check dam and trenches that will augment the water table and provide long-term water security.

It will enable the farmers to enhance crop yield and make villages less dependent on water tankers during the peak summer.

Last week, Amir Khan took to social media to invite volunteers to take part in the movement. Walk shoulder-to-shoulder with our brothers and sisters in the villages to contribute towards their betterment. Help a village," the actor said in his video message, adding, "I assure you that when you return home at the end of the day, you will realise that in actuality, it's the village that has helped you." Through his NGO, the actor aims to harness the power of communication to mobilise, motivate and train people to reach the goal of making the state drought-free.(With inputs from ANI)