The season of festivals are here again, and we are all geared up for the pomp and fervour. Pohela Boishakh, or Bengali new year, is just around the corner. This year it would be celebrated on the 15th April 2018. It is the first day of the first month (Boishakh) of Bengali lunisolar calendar. The Bengali new year coincides with other festivals like Baisakhi,Bihu and Vishu, all of which celebrate the beginning of the new year and wish for a good harvesting season. It is on this day merchants and accountant open new haal khaata, the quintessential accounts book of traditional business establishments. Traditional fares, vibrant new clothes, cultural performances, indulgent feasts and endless chatter with friends and family, Pohela Boishakh is no less of a carnival for Bengalis. 

No Bengali celebration is ever complete without the traditional Bengali sweetmeats. From crispy jilipis to the melt-in-mouth roshogollas, the range of Bengali sweets that are associated with Pohela Boishakh is every foodie's dream come true. 

Here Are 5 Desserts Without Which Pohela Boishakh Festivities Are Difficult To Imagine:

 1. SandeshIf there were a documentary made of chenna based sweets in Bengali cuisine, sandesh would perhaps be the leading star along with the iconic roshogolla, of course. Prepared with sweetened cottage cheese and flavoured with kesar and cardamom, sandesh are delectable and delightful part of almost every Bengali festivity and celebrations since centuries. Here is a sumptuous recipe of sandesh that you can try at home. 

Pohela Boishakh: Sandesh is made of chenna and jaggery

2. Roshogolla

You saw this coming, didn't you?  It is soft, it is delicious and before you even know it, you have tucked in two or three of the spongy delights already. Dipped in oodles of chashni, roshogollas make for a perfect start to the new year that awaits.  


Pohela Boishakh 2018: Roshogolla are staple part of every Bengali festivity. 

3. Mishti Doi

Packed with the goodness of thickened milk and jaggery,mishti doi is one chilled delight that enjoys a rich fanbase across the country. Come April, and you start hunting for all things cool and soothing. Mishti doi, therefore, makes for an ideal pick.  

Pohela Boishakh 2018: Mishti Doi is a perfect cooler to beat the heat

  You know you can't stop at one, once you bite into this divine dessert. Let the festive occasion be your license to indulge. Trust us when we say this, the chenna based sweetmeat, dipped in cardamom scented milk base, is worth all the extra pull ups in your gym the next day.  5. Cham Cham

Coated with dessicated coconut and stuffed with mawa and dry fruits, this wholesome Bengali mishti is a festive favourite. Best enjoyed when served chilled, this delicious sweet will find its way through your heart.  

Here's wishing you all a very Happy Bengali New Year 2018!