The boy was taken to the hospital after school authorities arrived following uproar by fellow classmates

Ahmednagar:  Rohan D Janjire had only failed to solve a math problem, when in a fit of rage, his teacher pierced the  8-year-old's throat with a wooden cane. The harrowing incident, which took place in a government school in Maharashtra's Pimpalgaon village, resulted in damaging his wind- pipe and food-pipe leaving the child speechless. 

School authorities arrived following an uproar by fellow classmates after the boy was left choking in pain, with blood oozing out of his throat. The class 2 student was then rushed to the hospital. 

Noting his condition as serious, doctors asked for the boy to be rushed to Pune for treatment. He is currently admitted in the ICU in a city hospital. 

"The accused has been booked on charges of assault but has not yet been arrested. We are monitoring the student's condition. After we record his statement, and if required, the charges may be enhanced," a police official said. 

The incident comes days after a four-year-old nursery student was thrashed in Hyderabad for not paying the school fee. The child's back was allegedly struck repeatedly with a hard object resulting in bruises. The skin on his calf muscles also has long, slightly swollen lines due to the beating. 

The school management had apparently been mounting pressure on the parents of the child to pay up. Both his parents are plumbers. (With IANS inputs)