Puthandu, or Tamil New Year, is said to be the first day of the year on the Tamil calendar. It is observed with the solar cycle of the lunisolar Hindu calendar, as the first day of the Tamil month Chithirai. It falls almost on 14th April every year. Not just Tamil New Year, this day also marks the beginning of New Year in Assam, West Bengal, Punjab, Manipur, Odisha, et al. People celebrate this day with much fervour and joy. Here's how Puthandu, or Tamil New Year, is celebrated across the state.

Tamil New Year (Puthandu) 2018: Importance And Celebration Of The Festival


Puthandu is a day of new beginnings; people celebrate it with a hope that this year will bring newer opportunities and growth in their lives. This day is celebrated with neem flowers and raw mangoes, which symbolise growth and prosperity. On the eve of Puthandu, a plateful of three fruits, including mango, banana and jackfruit, betel leaves, areca nuts, gold/silver jewellery, money, flowers, and a mirror are arranged. This plate is the first thing that people see in the morning after waking up. Post this, people take bath early morning and offer pongal to the gods. Many people visit temples to seek blessings so that this New Year brings growth and prosperity. 

Tamil New Year (Puthandu) 2018: Feasts Prepared During This Day


No festival is complete without food. People in Tamil Nadu prepare huge feasts, which makes this occasion even more interesting. A special dish known as Mangai-pachadi is prepared from a variety of flavours. It is generally made using jaggery, mustard, raw mango, neem and red chillies. Such festive delicacies that combine different flavours are a symbolic reminder that one has to taste all the flavours of experiences in life; no matter it is sweet or bitter, experiences and changes are inevitable. Most of the people like to prepare sweet dhal poli, mango pachadi, veppam poo rasam, et al. 

Tamil New Year (Puthandu) 2018: Mesha Sankranthi Moment


Sankranthi Moment is scheduled at 8:27 AM.

Wishing you a year full of hopes, joy and prosperity!