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          Twitter, Facebook and Ecroaker.com

            THANK YOU !!!!  


            We have Integrated the SEARCH MODULE with TWITTER, FACEBOOK AND ECROAKER.com . Now Search of the Trends and get results such as 

            1) WHY is the TREND Trending ?

            2) WHO started the TREND ?

            3) How Many Retweets did the Tweet/Share earned ?

            And many more.


            Business Social Concept - Nikhil Aditya Rao

              Note: Edit 12/12/2015
              1)Currently Nikhil Rao has no monetary involvement in Intelligent Triangle operations and he had ceased to be a part of IntelligentTriangle in 2014. IntelligentTriangle was setup as part of a Luxembourg  based 'part time-project' which Nikhil Rao had initiated and eventually moved across. 
              2) Tag CEO has been removed as Nikhil Rao is a Founder of IntelligentTriangle and did not hold any relevant position.
              Intelligent Triangle has the right skills and capabilities that has enabled us to be driven and motivated. We are driven by Opportunities and Florida has inspired us a lot. The Luxembourg cantonment gives us the strategic direction to market our products.

              Business Social Concept

              Nikhil Aditya Rao, Founder of Intelligent Triangle talks about his new social venture that seems to have the potential to drive Idea to Market Realization.
              Build your own Organization in 2 Weeks. Free Startup Analysis and Implementation
               Intelligent Triangle has been an frontier to generate and develop medium sized eCommerce and news-portal firms that has been an rising story for this young entrepreneur.

              "2013 is an Turning point for us" at the Press Conference held in Mumbai, Nikhil Rao Founder of IntelligentTriangle slated that with the recent rush with standardized process integration, there is an immense potential for DEVELOPING indigenous Process designs and implementation forums. Intelligent Triangle has been an frontier to generate and develop medium sized eCommerce and news-e portal firms that has been an rising story for this young entrepreneur. 

              Picture -->


              Excerpt from the Interview:What are the projects driving your company’s growth?
              -->Competition is one of the factors. When we realize that we are in competition,  Race is what we look ahead for. Also, One needs deep understanding of the sectors in which one operates. In the case of star-ups related to small and medium enterprises, issues as well as risks should be analyzed to mitigate, avoid or accept. We also need a certain degree of foresight to figure out if any sector of the economy is likely to face pressure. The knowledge would help to handhold small and medium enterprises (SMEs) fortify their investment against inflation. Educating Start ups / Consulting / Process Management/ Advisory are the key projects and with Clientele like Ecroaker and other SMEs we are looking forward for many more.
              What are the techniques that are used in IntelligentTriangle to enable the Business Growth in emerging Markets?
              We have conceptualized Opportunity versus Demand mappings in India, which has institutionalized the Future Market. We have designed and sponsored ReviewComparePurchase.comwhich is based up-on Comparison engine and is an direct  output of Opportunity and Demand Mapping. 

              ReviewComparePurchase.com is a E-commerce Comparison portal which enables Users to Review, Compare and Purchase products from various E-commerce entities

              -->What does leadership mean to you?
              -->For me, leadership primarily means responsibility. Leadership involves setting trends, thinking ahead of the sector, seeing the pitfalls in advance and evolving structures, which help the sector to overcome problems. Leadership for me also means spotting talent and grooming the next line of managers. A leader must be passionate, willing to take risks and willing to admit and learn from his mistakes. A leader must always remember that his greatest asset is human resource and that he is dealing with people who have the same instincts and emotions. Providing guidance is a key role and job of a leader.
              -->As a leader of your group, how do you cultivate leaders?
              -->It is not adequate to just cultivate leaders at the top but develop leadership capabilities at all levels within the organisation. Training plays an important role in leadership development but that in itself is inadequate. Cultivating leadership requires continuous coaching and support in dealing with real life situation.
              -->As a leader, are you open to debates with your co-workers?
              -->I am very much open to debates since it throws up fresh perspectives, helps you think out of the box and brings novelty to one’s approach towards issues and problems.  When we debate about a particular move, we can clearly figure out its merits and de-merits and likely implications. To that extent, we can discuss issues threadbare and get opinion of others on board. I believe its part of my job to hear their views and also convince them about my decisions.
              -->What is the best leadership decision you have taken?
              --> Setting the direction to remain sharply focused even at the cost of exiting from some segments, to build specialization and thereby creating differentiation to compete effectively. Our business doubled during 2012-13 and as a result, operating margins improved even during the current slowdown, profits continue to increase as a result of this decision.
              -->How do you see the role of Process Consulting in the coming years?
              -->Process is what drives the business and IT. A strong collaboration can create an Federation which can be packaged . We are an core Process Consulting company that led to many ideas like Ecroaker , How to Prepare Recipe , ITILMaps etc. Strategic Assessment is our Core part of Business and our Customers love them. We present data as a Real Time analysis taking in SWOT and Five forces in to account along with indigenous mechanisms.
              -->Can you tell us the highlights from the firm's history, a bit about your role there, the services you offer and your total assets under management?
              -->The firm has quite a long history. It was started in Luxembourg City, in early 2013 based up on the Works of a algorithm to presumably predict markets and specifically determine the strategic forces for monetary realization. 
              -->The Algorithm analysis helped us manage certain clients and win them big deals from the Government and private partners. Through the course of that experience, I learnt that it is much more difficult in the sense that the variables that you analyse as a part of that process are much more difficult to forecast than is conventionally held. To forecast over a period of five years, or even 10 years, what the course of market space, cost of structurization and then the macroeconomic variables that are associated with any particular investment is, whether it be IT spending or the price of energy, is very difficult. That's the case even for single variables much less the interaction of those variables. So then I sort of gravitated to stress on  technical analysis in all its different forms.
              -->Over time I became sceptical of the usefulness of those tools as well, primarily because most are too subjective. So I began to devise my own model in the early 2013 taking several indigenous factors. 
              -->We currently employ 110 people with offices in Luxembourg, Amsterdam and India. We are launching our Service in India early next year and are doing Preliminary pilot to determine of our scope of Launch term. 
              -->Tell us about Ecroaker.com ?
              -->It is an Social Business Venture. It is still not in the History Books so i can't comment more on it ..Smiles Nikhil Aditya Rao
              The Catalogue IntelligentTriangle offers is unique and robust in the Market. We drive the Ideas until our clients are benefited. We work to see the smiles of our Customers. 
              -->IntelligentTriangle is business focussed. We create value with realization. IntelligentTriangle provides Business plans and Roadmaps to Startups as an enabler to procure funding from Banks and Venture Capitalists.
              -->Our Strategy Package include
              -->Market Space Analysis 
              -->Scenario Analysis 
              -->Opportunity Analysis 
              -->Strategy Formulation
              -->Organization Recommendation 
              -->Financial Modelling
              -->Portfolio Analysis
              -->Solution Document
              -->Strategy Implementation
              -->The Process package includes Dedicated Process Consultant
              -->Service Strategy - 
              -->1) IT service management 
              -->2) Service portfolio management 
              -->3) Financial management for IT services 
              -->4) Demand management 5) Business relationship management
              -->Service Design - 
              -->1) Design coordination 
              -->2) Service Catalogue 
              -->3) Service level management 
              -->4) Availability management 
              -->5) Capacity Management 
              -->6) Information security management system 
              -->7) Supplier management
              -->Service Transition - 
              -->1) Transition planning and support 
              -->2) Change management 
              -->3) Service asset and configuration management 
              -->4) Release and deployment management 
              -->5) Service validation and testing 
              -->6) Change evaluation 
              -->7) Knowledge management
              -->Service Operation - 
              -->1) Event management 
              -->2) Incident management 
              -->3) Request fulfillment 
              -->4) Problem management 
              -->5) Identity management
              -->Continual Service Improvement
              -->Implementation Consulting
              -->Web/Product/Services Development as per requirements
              -->Office Space Consultation
              -->Funding Analysis and Recommendations
              -->Project Approach and initiate KPI.
              -->Track progress and Metrics for efficiency and effectiness
              -->Use Ecroaker.com specialized products.
              -->Marketing and Release
              -->Dedicated Marketing Consultant
              -->Transition planning,Pilot and support
              -->Marketing Strategy
              -->Marketing Analysis and Implementation for Optimization
              -->Future approach for SupportRealization Dynamics
              -->Product/Service Improvements
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