Afghanistan (1698)

Western Envoys Call For Women's Role in Peace Process


    Highlighting the importance of the contribution of women in issues of national interest and decision making, the Swedish ambassador to Afghanistan Andres Sjoberg and EU deputy envoy George Cunningham on Monday called for the meaningful engagement and inclusion of Afghan women in the peace process.

    Joining the western envoys, Afghanistan's First

    Chaudhry Claims 'Some' Haqqani Leaders Present in Pakistan


      Pakistan's Foreign Secretary Aizaz Chaudhry has said "some" members of the terrorist Haqqani network are present in the country, but that Islamabad is not allowing any group to conduct terrorist activities in Afghanistan, VOA reported.

      Chaudhry made the statement in an interview with the state-run Pakistani television PTV broadcast Sunday.


      Two Women Killed In Herat

        Two Women Killed In Herat

        Officials at the Herat regional hospital said that the bodies of two women were brought to the hospital on Monday – both of whom had been shot.

        The officials said the body of a 27-year-old women was found by police in Zubaida Garden area of PD5 in Herat city.

        The second victim was a 60-year-old woman who was shot dead by her son in Kart-e-Shahr of

        EU Calls For Probe Into 'Human Rights Violations' Against Eshchi


          The European Union (EU) on Tuesday called for a fair and transparent official investigation into reports of gross human rights violations and abuses against Ahmad Eshchi, the former Jawzjan governor.

          The EU also called for investigations concerning the allegations made against the First Vice President, General Abdul Rashid Dostum.
          The EU and its

          Takhar Mawlawi Asked To Apologize For Anti-Woman Remarks


            Dozens of religious scholars in Takhar on Tuesday criticized Mawlawi Abdul Samad for his recent anti-women remarks and called on the province's former head of the Ulema Council to apologize for his comments.

            "Mawlawi Abdul Samad should apologize to all women in the country and he should not let the issue affect the trust and the place of religious

            Basketball Tournament Underway In Kabul


              A basketball tournament kicked off in Kabul on Tuesday aimed at selecting the country's top players for the national squad.

              The event will continue for five days.

              More than 160 basketball players from Kabul, Bamiyan, Kandahar, Ghazni, Herat, Samangan, Balkh, Kunduz and Nangarhar provinces will compete for a place in the team.

              Officials from the

              I Was Sexually Assaulted By Dostum And His Men: Eshchi


                Former Jawzjan governor and ex-member of the National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan, Ahmad Eshchi, who was allegedly assaulted by the First Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum last month, claims that he was also sexually assaulted by Dostum and his bodyguards – while in Dostum's 'custody'.

                Pugwash Sketches 19-Article Truce Plan For Afghanistan


                  Pugwash Secretary General Paolo Cotta-Ramusino on Tuesday said his organization has drafted a 19-article truce plan between the Afghan government and the Taliban – which could be helpful in sealing an agreement between the two sides in order to end hostilities and endorse a diplomatic solution for the ongoing turmoil.

                  He said the plan is designed

                  70pc Of Afghans Dismayed Over Wolesi Jirga Performance: Survey


                    A recent survey by Freedom House of Afghanistan reveals that almost 70 percent of people are not satisfied with the activity of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament).

                    According to the survey, 64 percent of respondents have said they would not vote for the serving members of the Wolesi Jirga in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

                    The survey

                    Kabul Reiterates Its Call To UN To Lift Sanctions Against Hekmatyar


                      The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) on Tuesday reiterated its call to the UN to lift sanctions against Hizb-e-Islami leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.

                      "Our expectation is that they (UN) officials respond positively to our recommendations," said MoFA deputy spokesman Khairullah Azad.

                      Meanwhile, Jabbar Shalgarai, a senior member of the group has

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